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Video phones are quickly becoming recognized as one of the best video conferencing solutions for those who utilize sign language to communicate. The National Health Interview Survey states that 22 out of every 1,000 people in the United States alone has severe hearing impairment or is completely deaf.Challenges In TelecommunicationSign language communication presents some unique challenges in long distance telecommunication. Obviously, all traditional, audio-based phone systems cannot provide for those who are hard of hearing and utilize sign language as their main form of communication.Traditional SolutionsA variety of solutions have been developed to facilitate sign communication over traditional networks. Video systems allowing the deaf caller to sign to a relay operator who then speaks to the caller on the other end allowed for two-way communication between two callers. These systems usually required special equipment and custom installations. The sign language caller would have to be home and in front of this special system in order to communicate with others.These systems also cost extra. Operators who were fluent in sign language had to be paid to speak for the deaf caller and provide responses via typed caption or voice. The system limited the mobility of the sign language speaker and made communication slower than necessary. These issues hold such a solution back from being the best video conferencing option.While these services are still necessary for communicating with those who don’t speak sign language, speaking with family members and others in the close-knit deaf community requires only a visual connection. There are now some excellent alternatives to expensive sign language relay systems for those who wish to communicate solely in sign.Video Phones Make Communication EasierOne of the best video conferencing systems for the deaf are video phones. These units come in both desktop units and in the form of mobile phones equipped with screens and cameras. The resolution and frame rate is excellent on these devices and open an affordable alternative to relay services for communicating in sign.Sign language speakers can take advantage of the best video conferencing products has to offer with instantaneous real-time face-to-face video. This lets them communicate in real time with friends and family who speak sign language. These mobile systems make it easy to connect and stay in touch without being stuck in a single location.Sign is a rapid and fluent language. Choppy video and delays completely disrupt sign language communication. By using the best video conferencing technology available, these phones provide high quality video that remains fluid and smooth enough to understand even the most rapid and energetic sign conversations.Increased MobilityThanks to modern technology and government programs, the hearing-impaired can still enjoy an active, mobile lifestyle. A video phone is the perfect way to help sign language speakers remain free to travel and work without worrying about communicating with loved ones while away from their home video system.Mobile video phones come with all the standard features of modern cell phones. This includes texting, email, Internet access and other functionality that also aids in quick communication. These features make them one of the best video conferencing products available for the price.Getting StartedA video phone usually utilizes your existing Internet connection. Unlike the so-called best video conferencing systems used in large corporations, the video phone’s installation and usage is as easy as that of a normal phone. You simply dial the number and the call begins. For those who speak sign, these innovations make video phones one of the best video conferencing systems for the price.

What Makes Online Video Marketing Quite Effective in Promoting Your Business? – Mobile Audio Video

When you have an average of 75 million people in the United States alone watch online videos every day, streaming almost 40 billion videos every month, this offers you a vast medium through which you can market your business. And YouTube accounts for the lion’s share of this medium which can have more than a billion unique users every month watching billions of hours of video. YouTube literally makes a great resource channel you can use to fill up content complete with vitality that makes your business stand out from the 72 hours of video uploads made to YouTube every minute. The key is making clever use of marketing video strategies. Some working strategies include a range of tactics to such as use of jokes, money, fear, nudity, and bravado content material. You can also use wide humor with a genius play on words which comes in handy as hilarious content that adds vitality to your video marketing.Video marketing is an extension of content marketing and serves a convincing medium for your business to convey its message to a wider audience, and get more exposure. Video marketing has its merits as an audio visual medium that conveys your message about your business in a powerful way within a condensed timeframe. Online video marketing offers you a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. Video marketing as the future of content marketing, that is-is a definition of video’s peerless potential reach. Video can go viral when the message is delivered powerfully and can reach millions of viewers, all because of:· video’s inherent sharing ability;· engaged viewers having the tendency to share video with others;· the potential for viewers spending longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand; and· its potential as the best medium in the kit for any social media campaign;According to a recent study, 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. Video marketing is cost effective for small businesses. Apps such as Twitters’ Vine offers increased opportunity for businesses on a limited budget to create engaging video marketing clips. Social media and mobile platforms are resourceful multiple channels that also come in handy to promote your business. According to Ooyala research, a 10th of all video plays happen on mobile and tablets, with mobile phones holding forty-one percent more share of video consumption.

How to Choose Mobile Electronics for Your Car: Add Convenience, Safety, or Entertainment – Mobile Audio Video

Interested in upgrading your car or truck with mobile electronics but aren’t sure where to start? From car GPS to car alarms, there are lots of great options out there, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re considering the full array of aftermarket electronics for your vehicle. Should you get the remote starter first or opt for the car audio system? Would it be better to install a car alarm before or after the car DVD player? Here are some of the most popular aftermarket car audio and electronics selections broken down to help make your tough choice a bit easier.ConvenienceInstalling mobile electronics on your car or truck can help make your life a little simpler. Two favorite options for adding a bit more convenience to your daily routine are:GPS navigation systems. Providing directional guidance and point-of-interest mapping, car GPS systems help keep you from getting lost no matter where you’re headed. GPS navigation systems are a great investment if you frequently drive in unfamiliar areas, have a knack for making wrong turns, or even if you just need to minimize travel times between errands or appointments.Remote starters. Enabling you to turn on your vehicle from a distance, remote car starters allow you to preheat the engine and warm or cool the passenger compartment (depending on the season) for optimal comfort from the moment you get in the driver’s seat. You may want to consider installing an automatic car starter if you hate the extreme temperatures of chilly January mornings or steamy July afternoons or if you’re concerned about the wear and tear of driving without preheating your engine.SafetyEvery little bit counts when it comes to safety and your vehicle. Among the more popular options for increasing the safety of your car or truck are:Car alarms. Car alarm installation is a practical choice for any driver who wants to safeguard their car or truck by preventing theft. And remember, if you’re planning on installing other mobile electronics, you may want to put in the car alarm first so that your vehicle security system will be in place to protect your other components once they are installed.Bluetooth integration. Helping you keep both hands on the wheel by making calling hands-free, installing a Bluetooth system in your vehicle adds both convenience and improved safety. Bluetooth installation is practical whether you make business or personal calls, and with this hands-free technology, you can also get additional features like voice texting and on-screen caller ID that make driving and chatting a breeze.EntertainmentOf course, when people think about mobile electronics, what comes to mind most often is entertainment. Leading choices for improving your entertainment experience when you’re behind the wheel include:Car audio. From speakers and amps to new head units, you have virtually limitless options when it comes to upgrading your vehicle’s car audio system. If your current car stereo is seriously lacking or you spend a lot of time on the road, installing a new car audio setup can help you make your driving experience a whole lot more enjoyable.Car DVD players. Bringing the enjoyment of movies to your car or truck, in-car video is a favorite way to provide optimal entertainment for children and adults alike. Ideal for everything from long road trips to errands, choosing to install a car DVD player makes sense if you’re looking to diversify your mobile entertainment options beyond car audio.No matter which car electronics choices you select, you’re certain to love the convenience, safety, or entertainment they provide. So happy driving! Contact your area car audio video shop to learn more or to get started on your installation.