HTML 5 for Mobile Development – Mobile Audio Video

For mobile developers around the world HTML 5 has been a game changer. It has broken many barriers for developers and brought down the time and cost involved for mobile development. W3C has introduced many new features of HTML 5 and makes it very easy to develop and debut in this platform. It reduces the coding substantially with cleaner codes, which remove most div tags and replace them with new structural elements. Codes are more standardized and reduce the pain of modification and redevelopment is reduced heavily.Many of the smartphone apps that have changed our lives are a result of HTML 5. The best of the audio and video streaming apps, geo-location apps, fluid animations and graphic editing apps are a result of this very platform. No wonder it has become a favorite among developers around the world be it iPhone developers or those creating apps for BlackBerry. It also allows for a client-side database that is one of the most preferred models in the industry. A structured database can be built on the client-side using a real SQL databaseWhy Use HTML 5 for Mobile DevelopmentWhen compared to other development platforms such as Flash, HTML 5 is much more stable and flexible. Unlike the Flash apps, which tend to make a phone slow, HTML 5 delivers apps that are fast and make Internet browsing on the cellphones pleasurable.
Users don’t have to download the apps that have been developed in HTML 5 as they can directly access these through their browsers even in the offline mode. Most apps run without any additional plugin being installed on the cellphones.
The same codes can be applied to all HTML 5 enabled phones example Android, Blackberry, Symbian. This speeds up the process of multi-platform development. It takes mobile development to a far more open space than before.
HTML 5 comes with enhanced forms that helps in improving text inputs, search boxes and other fields and provides better controls for validating data, focusing, interaction with other page elements on the page and various other improvements.
You can easily integrate video and audio elements into a mobile web document without using third-party browser plug-ins. Mobile browsers may natively control multimedia display, codecs and user interfaces.Why not try your own hand in this technology? Wondering where to look for good mobile developers with knowledge of HTML 5? Look towards India. The country boasts of having some of the best HTML 5 developers in the world whose professionalism is unmatched.